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03 May 2007 @ 09:56 pm
Fanfiction! =)  
Title: Confection Affection
Genre: General? Haha.
Series: Death Note
Rating: PG
Warnings: Hm. Nothing.
Disclaimer: I don't own the series.
Pairing/Characters: L, Misa

Confection Affection

Misa hates cake. It is loaded with sugar, guaranteed to make her super-model figure deformed. It is sweet enough to probably rot her pearl-white teeth. But even if she hates it, she enters the kitchen, turns on the lights, and prepares to bake. In fact, she makes sure it’s as pretty as her, as sweet looking as her. So she is perfect and careful with every spoonful of sugar, cup of flour, and she makes sure the layer of icing is nice and thick or fine and thin. She makes sure she plops a few strawberries to complete it, or nice, rich chocolate shavings.

She gives it to Light; he refuses, the whole time looking intently at the computer screen. Disappointed, she approaches the rest of the detectives with every hope of them enjoying her saccharine achievement. But like her dearest Light, they are filing through paperwork, faces grim and brows furrowed in concentration. She despairs, dreading already the feeling of dumping her strawberry cake into the waste bin. But that won’t happen: no cake will fall inside the deep abyss of trash, because a voice will always speak up, eager and almost as sweet as her cake (and herself).

“I’ll have it Misa-san.”

She will always turn around to look at him with bored eyes, though inside she is joyous to not let her cake which she had slaved over go to waste, and she knows he knows because that’s his job: to know. So she approaches him, holding the lovely cake of pink icing, dotted with strawberries and white chocolate, with a pout. He will look at her eagerly--for only one second--then will divert his greedy eyes to her creation. He will bring his fork to his lips and watch as she places it in front of him.

She will watch him eat: delicate slices, zealously savoring it. And she will sigh in feigned annoyance, when in truth, tomorrow morning she will be back in the kitchen, carefully measuring every spoonful of sugar and cup of flour. She will make sure it’s as pretty as her, as sweet looking as her.

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♥: Samurai Hueybananaboots on August 31st, 2007 11:41 pm (UTC)
Zomg Loved it on the Last Commutiy :D